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Stormwater is surface rainwater, melted snow or water that runs off our roofs, driveways and roads rather than soaking into the ground. Stormwater management includes managing the quantity and quality of the water, and providing safer flow rates and areas.

We continually assess and investigate the municipal watershed and stormwater drainage systems in Surrey's Drainage Study Areas to identify any needed upgrades and to determine ways to mitigate or prevent future problems. We then compile the results of these assessments into various drainage plans and reports.

ENG-Detention Ponds

Detention Ponds

Learn about detention ponds and why they are used in Surrey.


Integrated Stormwater Management Plans

Review Surrey's integrated stormwater management plans with relation to Metro Vancouver.

ENG-Flows and Flow Monitoring

Stormwater Flow Monitoring

Find rainfall data and see locations of Surrey's streamflow and water level monitoring stations.

Sustainable Drainage

Sustainable Drainage

Find information on the most common residential drainage features in Surrey.

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Water Pollution

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Be part of protecting and celebrating Surrey's environment.