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Drinking Water Protection

Glass of water

Help keep our drinking water clean and healthy

Residents and businesses play an important role in protecting our drinking water. They do this by preventing and controlling cross connections on their properties. 

What is cross connection?

A cross connection is what happens when our clean drinking water system connects with another substance or liquid.

For example, when a garden hose is submerged in a bucket full of detergent, there is a cross connection. The video below illustrations how cross connection can happen.

Your Role

There are many things you can do to prevent contamination of the public water system. Learn how to prevent cross connections for: 

Cross Connection Control Program

The City of Surrey's responsibility for water quality includes implementing and maintaining a cross connection control program. This program includes Cross Connection Control Standard and Specifications that provide technical guidance in selection, installation, and testing requirements of a backflow preventer device based on the City’s Cross Connection Control Bylaw.

For more information on cross connections and backflow, contact the Engineering Department at

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