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Water Main Extension

water extension

Water main extensions are typically installed by developers as part of their development projects.

Owners enter a local area service agreement with the City of Surrey for any project on properties located on or near wells, and where access to Surrey’s water is needed. This agreement requires 2/3 of the fronting properties to agree to the extension and must pay 100% of the cost.

Water Wells

Some areas in Surrey do not have water mains. Homes and businesses in these areas use private water wells and have the responsibility to maintain them.

The City may consider extending the water main network to an area when:

  • You an your neighbours submit a signed petition for the water main extension through the City's Local Area Service Program;
  • A developer or property owner agrees to pay for the water main extension.

Your property may be located within one of the City’s Secondary Plan or Neighbourhood Concept Plan (NCP) areas. If it is, a sanitary sewer extension into your area will be driven by future development. Extensions in other areas outside of NCP or Secondary Plan areas may also be driven by future development. Check out the COSMOS mapping system, or call the Engineering Department at 604-591-4340 to find out if your property is within one of these areas.

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